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Enroll in the surgical technician training program

There is a great demand for medical professionals in the medical sector. Due to increasing number of surgeries, there is a huge demand for the accredited surgical technicians  . It is important to mention here that without the help of a surgical technician, no surgery can be done. The surgeons need a helping hand who must know what he requires for the next step. Surgical technicians, also named as surgical technologists or assist physicians, scrubs, and nurses. They generally operate in surgery rooms or operating rooms. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the benefits that an individual gets after completing the surgical technician training course.

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  • Good salary package- It is estimated that the salary package of the surgical technician is much higher than other medical professionals. A technician gets almost $20.91 per hour and $43,480 per year to the full time. 
  • Great job opportunities- According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is great employment projection from 2016 to 2026. The surgical technician profession is expected to grow by 12 %. This is because there are great advances in the field of surgery that leads to a number of different surgeries. This ultimately raises the demand for surgical technicians. To make the surgery safe and successful, you need skilled and accredited professionals.
  • You can help save lives- Saving an individual's life is a huge and natural booster for the life. Surgical technician works with numerous types of surgeries in which some life-threatening surgeries are done. Being a part of such surgeries is really a great experience from which you learn a lot. It's a wonderful experience to save people and to be a part of such surgery. To work in such condition needs a lot of patience, stamina, and self-control.
  • Numerous workplaces- After completing the training course, an individual can work in numerous medical facilities as you know every hospital needs a surgeon and to help them technicians are a must have professionals.
Do you find a surgical technician career interesting one? Are you looking for the institute to enroll in the surgical technician training program? If yes, contact- Abcott Institute.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Patient Care Technician Career

If you are looking for a career in medical field, PCT training program can be a great career option for you. Many people are unaware of Patient Care Technician training course. In this blog, we have mentioned each and everything about the profession as these technicians play an important role in the healthcare as well as in the medical field. Maximum time the patients get to interact with the PCT. The doctors and nurses check the patients on the timely basis or on emergency cases. In addition to this, a career as a patient care technician offers a lot of options to work such as- Phlebotomist, Home Health Aide (HHA) and CNA.

Patient Care Technician Career

What are the responsibilities and duties of the PCT?
The job responsibilities and duties of a PCT totally depend on the job settings where an individual works. The PCT training course prepares an individual to deal with the patients or elderly people who can't move or need support even in the basic routine tasks such as- eating, bath, cooking, walking and many more.

What are the topics covered in the PCT training program?
The training program of PCT includes various topics that are also helpful to qualify for most entry-level jobs in this field. Some of the topics that are included in this training program are- phlebotomy, wound care, reviewing vital signs, CPR, anatomy & physiology, EKG, urinalysis, glucose monitoring, general patient care, and medical terminology & abbreviations.

Where can a PCT work?
There are numerous places where a PCT can work. The place can be any, it can be an old age home, hospital, clinic, or a long-term facility. Below are some of the duties that a patient care technician might assist patients with on any given workday-

  • A PCT can work as a CNA
  • A PCT can also work as a phlebotomy. As they have full knowledge of venipuncture techniques. So, they can collect any kind of blood sample, urine and other specimens from patients.
  • Like a Home Health Aide, patient care tech can work for the bedridden people or elderly people. The duties may include- eating meals, brushing teeth and hair, getting out of bed, moving from one bed or gurney to the next, and taking a bath.

From above points, it is clear that patient care technician is a wonderful career option that you can choose. If you want to enroll in this training program, consult Abcott Institute. It is a leading institute offering state-of-the-art medical assistant training programs.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Different Career Paths for Medical Assistants

When you hear the word "medical assistant," you may have an image of someone who deals with cuts, stitches or other injuries. If you have the passion for working in the healthcare sector as a medical assistant, you can work with a wide range of options. After completing a medical assistant training course you can take advantage of this great career in this constantly developing healthcare industry.

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Abcott Institute is one of the well-known institutes that offers a medical assistant training program. It offers various other skills that are really helpful to perform the necessary duties and responsibilities in the medical or healthcare facility. The institute offers the training program which mainly focuses on both health care as well as the medical field and helps in performing tasks in both settings. Below are some of the important job opportunities, a medical assistant can work for.

Administrative Medical Assistants- As the name indicates, medical assistant needs to do just the administrative work such as- maintaining the records of the patients, scheduling appointments by consulting the doctors, bookkeeping for the medical facility, payment transactions, in charge of billing, and patients in the medical office. Along with these responsibilities, a medical assistant also has other duties such as dressing a wound or taking vital signs of the patient.

Clerical Medical Assistants- Clerical medical assistants are usually required to perform clinical tasks at the clinics or healthcare facilities. They are responsible to keep the office running smoothly. The medical assistants have to interact with the doctors and patients to maintain the accuracy and transparency in the paperwork of a specific healthcare center. The patients first interact with the medical assistants and they answer the queries of everybody who visit a healthcare setting.

Claims Examiner- The main work of claim examiners is to check and verify the insurance claims claimed by the patients, etc. Apart from this, the examiner checks and verifies the need for further investigation. If everything is provided and patient has completed all the formalities the bill is simply paid to the claimers.

The main benefit of becoming a medical assistant is that they can work in various different work environments such as in physicians’ offices, clinics, hospitals, outpatient care centers, healthcare centers, or ambulatory care facilities. To know more information about medical assistant training program, you can visit

Friday, 20 April 2018

A Career In Medical Coding And Billing- Abcott Institute

Medical coding and billing specialist is an excellent profession in the healthcare field. Medical coding and billing specialist can work in various different healthcare and medical settings such as-  laboratories, dispensaries, pharmacies, dentist office, and hospitals. In addition to this, they may work on their own. Let's have a look at the responsibilities, duties, and working of a medical coder and medical biller.

Medical Coder- They are also referred as medical analyzers. The main work of a medical coder is to analyze the procedures and diagnose methods to specify them into universal codes that may be an alphanumeric or numeric form. The coders go through the patient's medical procedure and other treatments which are usually given for certain injuries, and lab reports of certain diseases. These medical codes are used to fill the compensation claim forms which are further submitted to insurance firms on diagnostic request forms and for payment of claims. Moreover, they are required for the facilities which provide healthcare service for the investigation purpose.

Medical biller- The medical billing process is handled by medical biller who describes reimbursements to health insurance firms to confirm claims filed by an individual. For this, they need to follow the insurance provider companies and also deal with unsettled aspects of patients over uncompensated claims with insurance firms. The medical billing process is the same despite the insurance agency is a government-owned or is a privately owned.

Some specialists have only coding or billing skills whereas some of them have both the skills. It all depends on the training program. It's better to choose a training program which gives both the skills in an individual training program. 

How to become a medical billing/coding specialist?
To become a medical biller/coder you have to enroll in the training program. It is a short-term training course that anybody who has a higher school diploma or equivalent to that can enroll in the training course. A Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certification is also required. Moreover, the billing coding specialist must have required knowledge of medical terminology and the fast ability to type on the computer.

To enroll in the medical billing and coding training program you can contact Abcott Institute. The institute is offering various medical and healthcare training programs, since 2002.

Monday, 19 March 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should choose a Medical Billing & Coding as a Career

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Medical Billing & Coding profession is projected to grow by 15 % between 2014 and 2024. BLS that more than 217,600 people will be employed in the medical care industry, including medical coders and medical billers, by the year 2024.

What is Medical Billing and Coding Profession and Program-

Medical billing and medical coding is a perfect profession for the individuals who want to work in the medical field but don't want to deal with the patient's cuts and stitches. To pursue this field, you must have to enroll in a medical billing and coding training course.

The main objective of the medical billing and coding training program is to enable individuals to enter the medical field with the full awareness of the billing and coding systems. The classes provide hands-on training in different activities of the medical office that may include- filling of different billing and coding forms and claims, operating the computer, human anatomy, and physiology, medical software, medical terminology, and knowledge of the medical law.

A profession in great demand- Medical Coding and Billing profession is a great demand, and will likely remain in demand. There are many softwares that can assist medical staff but there is no substitute for a medical biller or coder who can fill the correct information and make the records of the patients in an organized way.

To become a medical coder and biller you just need to complete a training program and you can work like a professional. So, you don’t need to study for years. Just after doing a six to nine-month training course you can get a decent salary package.

One can work flexible hours. A medical coder or billing can work as per their feasibility. It's a good career option for those who want to keep a proper balance between work and life. Generally, coders or billers work 40 hours a week or part-time. Depending on the work environment, hours can be changed. Choosing a career option in which you can work according to your choice is a plus point.

One can work in different settings, such as- outpatient surgery centers, doctors’ offices, hospitals,  healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and many more. In addition to this, a medical biller or coder can work as a freelancer.

If you find medical biller and coding profession interesting one, contact Abcott Institute. It is a leading Institute in Michigan which has served thousands of motivated candidates by delivering hands-on training, practical experience and accredited certification needed to pursue a successful healthcare career. It was established in 2002 and since then, the institute has been delivering quality education to the students.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Top 5 alternative career choices in healthcare industry

Healthcare industry has changed a lot. It is not necessary that you have to be a specialist to be part of the industry. From a nursing assistant to medical coder, the alternative medical careers are a great way to be part of the healthcare industry. With these career options, you can further your career in the industry and even start a medical career. Here are a few alternative medical careers that you can opt for:

1. Medical Assistant

A medical assistant is a perfect career for the individuals who have passion for helping people. A career in medical assisting is a great way to jump start a new medical career. With the 30 week certification program, you will be trained to be an important part of the industry. The employment projection for the medical assistants is projected to rise 23 percentile. 

2. Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistant is a great way to enter the healthcare industry. As a nursing assistant, you will be trained to understand the physical and mental needs of the patients. Whether you want to work in the long-term care facility or want a part-time career, you can opt for an education program as nursing assistant.

3. Patient care technician

A patient care technician prepares you for a career as a Patient Care Technician (PCT). With this certification, you can get an entry level position in nursing. The occupational outlook handbook states that career projection for PCT is 11 percent, a much faster rate than the average growth rate for other careers.

4. Medical billing coder

As a medical billing coder, the career will give an early start in the healthcare administrative work. This career is perfect for you if you love to crunch numbers and analyze information. The responsibility of a medical billing coder includes assigning codes, scheduling appointments, completing claim forms, carrying out various administrative work, and more.

5. Surgical Technician

A surgical technician covers wide range of responsibilities from prep before surgery, during surgery and post surgery. The BLS projects jobs in this field to grow at 12 percent through 2026 with an above-average earning potential.

With the experience of more than 15 years, Abcott Institute offers through knowledge of career chosen by the student.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Surgical Technician- Responsibilities and Outline - Abcott Institute

People generally choose a career option that is always in demand, offers them good future prospects and has multiple career opportunities. A career as a surgical technician can prove lucrative and offer immense career opportunities. As per the Bureau of Labour Statistics, US, there will be 15% increase in the employment opportunities for surgical technicians by 2022.
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A certified surgical technician is an important member of the medical field. In fact, doctors or surgeons cannot operate without surgical techs. They are the precious gems of the medical field. This importance can be explained very well by the surgeons as they heavily depend on the surgical techs. While operating, surgeons need some specialists who can help them in supplying needed accessories and other instruments. To start a career as a surgical tech, you need to be aware of all kinds of duties and tasks that a technician has to do before enrolling in any of training program.

Responsibilities of the surgical technician- The surgical technicians have many responsibilities and play an important part in the operating rooms. The responsibilities include-

  • Preparing the operating rooms, to ensure that all of the equipment used for the procedure is properly disinfected and assembled. They ensure the working of all the equipment.
  • They prepare the patients for surgery, by cleaning, shaving and disinfecting the areas of a patient's body that will be operated on. After that, they move the patients on the operating table and move them in the operating rooms.
  • Monitoring patient's important signs such as- blood pressure, pulse rate and oxygen level are also part of the surgical technicians tasks.
  • After surgery, a surgical tech generally shifts a patient back to his or her room.

The surgical technician training program is an easy way to become an expert and a professional. The syllabus of the training courses includes mainly anatomy, surgical pharmacology, microbiology, medical terminology, and surgical patient care. In the course, you learn the laboratory procedures, surgical procedures, pathology, and clinical experiments. This is comparatively easy and short course with which you can boost your career. After completing the course, the institute awards a certification which is ultimately a plus point and adds weightage to your resume.

If you are looking for the training course, contact- Abcott institute. Apart from the surgical technician training program, other programs are also offered by the institute. You can choose any course according to your requirement and interest.

Enroll in the surgical technician training program

There is a great demand for medical professionals in the medical sector. Due to increasing number of surgeries, there is a hu...