Thursday, 11 February 2016

Job Responsibilities of a Certified Nursing Assistant

Before joining a training institute to become a nursing assistant, you should know what this job entails. Having a  clear idea about this will help you decide whether you are really interested in this as a career.

Before entering this profession or enrolling in a certified nursing assistant (CNA) training program, you need to know about the various job responsibilities of a CNA. Some of those responsibilities are given below.

Patient care – Certified nursing assistants are responsible for taking care of patients in healthcare facilities. They assist patients with different routine tasks like dressing, feeding, and bathing. They also measure patients’ food and liquid intake to ensure their good health.

Furthermore, these professionals turn and reposition bedridden patients as directed by a physician or nurse. They also help patients with walking and exercise (as directed by a physician). They clean and sanitize rooms as well as change bed linens to maintain hygiene level.

Noting vitals – These professionals also note down a patient’s vital signs including temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate etc. They make sure that every vital is monitored regularly. CNAs also report their observations of a patient’s health, behavior etc., to nurses.

After reading these job responsibilities, if you are interested in CNA profession, then you should get enrolled in a professional certified nursing assistant training program from a recognized institute or school like Abcott Institute.

Based in Michigan, Abcott Institute is a renowned institute that offers CNA and combined CNA/HHA/PCT programs for aspiring candidates. This institute is well-known for providing hands on training, practical experience and industry support to students.

This institute is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE) and licensed by the State of Michigan, Department of Education. This institute is an authorized medical testing center too.

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