Monday, 30 May 2016

Abcott Institute- Video

Abcott Institute is one of the leading schools for CNA/HHA/PCT Combo Training in Michigan for the students.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Personal Qualities that Will Help You flourish as a Certified Nursing Assistant -Abcott Institute

The outlook for certified nursing assistants is very strong, as they get to work in all kinds of health care centers like nursing homes, hospitals, home care, assisted living and more. Once you enter a doctor’s office or hospital, you will know that how nurses and nursing assistants are doing the extra duties due to understaffed office.

Personal qualities required for a certified nursing assistant:

  1. Show care towards the residents and patients and be supportive to care for them. Caring cannot be taught during a CNA class but something that will be developed by your own.
  2. If you work cordially with others and if you are an effective team member your work will be easier as a certified nursing assistant. Teamwork is usually stressed during CNA classes.
  3. Being sympathetic is quite important. This will allow the CNA to imagine themselves in their state and not simply pity the residents or patients.
  4. In every job it is important to be honest about what you do in your job and how interact with others.
  5. Being dependable is another trait that is required as a certified nursing assistant. The patients, doctors, and nurses as well as other medical workers depend on nursing assistants.
  6. As a certified nursing assistant, you need to be able to be flexible because sometimes even the best plans cannot be accomplished, so you need to be able to make adjustments easily and go with the flow.

The Abcott institute of Southfield, MI, was formed in 2002 and has helped thousands of motivated individuals to get the hands-on training, practical experience and accredited certification, by professionals who believe that the best way to prepare students for meaningful, gainful employment is to provide a quality medical training.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

CNA and Job Duties They Have to Perform

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) works with different medical technologies including billing software, health information & medical record software and more. In some facilities, a CNA also administer medication to patients. It is their responsibility to report to either registered, licensed practical or vocational nurses.

However here are the daily responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant.

CNAs assist patients with daily activities and while some CNAs have additional responsibilities. But, the core functions on the job include:

•    Bathe and dress patients
•    Serve meals and help patients eat
•    Take vital signs
•    Reposition patients who are bedridden
•    Collect information about treatment plans from nurses and doctors
•    Provide empty bedpans
•    Apply clean dressings, stockings, or support bandages, under direction of nurse or physician.
•    Lift patients into beds, wheelchairs, exam tables, etc.
•    Take patient calls
•    Examine patients for bruises or other injuries
•    Sanitize rooms
•    Clean rooms and bathrooms.
•    Change bed sheets with necessary supplies

The duties of a CNA and position is suitable for people who are interested in helping people and care for the wellbeing of other people at the time they need it most. But to enter this profession, It is advisable to take proper classes. There are many programs for CNAs, to get qualified for better paying work in the medical industry.

Abcott Institute of Southfield, MI, formed in 2002 by industry professionals, provides the best ways to prepare students for meaningful and gainful employment. This Institute is a CNA training & PCT training school in Michigan that offers hands-on training, practical experience and accredited certification needed to pursue a professional healthcare career.

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