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Questions to Ask Before Joining A CNA Training School- Abcott Institute

CNAs have to work diligently throughout their shifts, doing their job to make life more meaningful and give the required care to patients restricted to long term care facilities. If you have an interest with health care and a real desire to help others lead active living, a rewarding career in patient care may be just the right option.

The CNA Training Program at Abcott Institute, New York, prepares individuals with the skills needed to become a Nurse Assistant who will provide quality care for hospitals, home health care etc.
Before you choose an institute for your training program, ask the following questions which are important for your career.

Is the Training Program Accredited?

Choosing an accredited program is the most crucial step. An accredited school will provide you CPR certification and you will be fully prepared to pass the State of Michigan certification test for Nursing Assistants. You will not be approved for testing if the state does not recognize the training program.

What do the student reviews say?

It is worthwhile to get reviews before taking the push. Check the provider’s website for testimonials from past students. Make sure the testimonials are official ones. Check other online reviews. You can also contact state board for the success rate of the institute for CNA examination.

Does the Course Content Provide Adequate Preparation?

The course should offer state designed curriculum and prepare you for the state exam. The training should include classroom lectures, assisted tutoring, hands-on lab practice, and clinical experience.

Some Other Appealing Features

A program with a flexible schedule, day and evening training options will help you manage your families or other work. The institute should provide career services focusing on placing students to jobs, providing personal career counseling and effective interviewing techniques.

The Abcott Institute of Southfield, leading CNA Training & PCT Training School in Michigan. It prepares students for meaningful, gainful employment by providing quality training

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Acquire The Skills To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

To make a bright future in the medical field, certified Nursing Assistant is the best option to provide direct care to patients and help to make them feel comfortable. In Southfield, Michigan, Abcott Institute is the best one, offering the CNA program to provide the hands-on training as well as the practical experience to pursue a rewarding healthcare career.

The certified Nursing Assistant program focuses on developing all the skills within students, required to make a successful career. These well trained professionals work within the roles and responsibilities as required by the State of Michigan.

Certified Nursing Assistants are also known as Nurses Aides who work under the supervision of nurses to provide important health care to patients. They are liable to perform various tasks, including assisting with hygiene and daily living tasks. Apart from this, they do the following tasks as well:

  • To take the vital signs.
  • To check the pulse of the patients.
  • To check the blood pressure.

Once you get enrolled in this course, you will be trained in how to meet the physical and mental needs of the patients. They learn how to provide a safe and friendly environment for them. Only a renowned institute can help to prepare you for the state licensure requirements and practice as a Nursing Assistant.

You can also use your skills to pursue the more advanced nursing education and you can reach your goals through classroom instruction, etc. If you aspire to make a career as a certified Nursing Assistant, choose the best institute that is affiliated from a reputed university.

It is a fact that regulations for the certification differs from institute to institute. The certification is given, based on the normal examination. You become certified when you clear the exam. As a certified nursing assistant, you are supposed to make sure that all the patient's requirements are met properly.

Get the certification to serve the nation in the healthcare industry.

Friday, 18 November 2016

All You Need To Know about Certified Nursing Assistant

A certified nursing assistant is a healthcare professional who provides nursing care to the patients in varied health care environment such as clinic, hospitals, private residence, and nursing homes. They provide assistance with basic daily activities such as oral care, bathing, cleaning, dressing, helping nurses with the medical equipment and medication.

It is their duty to offer emotional and social support to patients and working closely with nurses and provide their input on the patient’s changing medical condition. They also keep record of their vital signs, weight measurement, temperature and blood pressure. A certified nursing assistant should have a high school diploma or a GED and a certificate program of about six to twelve weeks.

Certified nursing assistant work with the health care team including doctors, nurses, therapist, and med techs. The qualities such as compassion, caring, physical strength and patient are needed in abundance in this profession. A CNA works under the supervision of a nurse and as per the state statute, only a licensed nurse can delegate duties to a certified nursing assistant.

A CNA helps patients as well as RNs along with maintaining patient charts. They provide detailed reports to the next shift. They also provide assistance to round up certain medical supplies and prepare room for the new patients. In hospitals they need to provide night and day shifts. The training course for nursing assistant can be undertaken at the medical schools, community colleges, and institutes.

After the course, the state exam need to be passed after which candidates receives their license. The basic nursing skills as well as the knowledge is judged in the test. Patient/client rights, ethical behaviour, daily care tasks and many other topics are tested in the examination.

Abcott Institute is a medical school located in Southfield, Michigan that offers PCT and CNA training courses and establishes individuals in the healthcare professions.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Get A Big Platform To Make Powerful Career In Medical Field- Abcott Institute

Today a patient care technician is one of the most expanding professions in the healthcare industry. It is becoming remarkably significant. In fact, it is one of the foremost career choices that play an important role in the delivery of decent health care to numerous patients. A patient care technician (PCT) assists by making certain that many of the patient's demands are controlled immediately and professionally.

A trip to the doctor or a hospital visit can be very annoying for some people. The PCT can support ease much of this worry for patients and their family members.

These helpful members of the health team are also going to be doing multiple health cares relevant duties.

A PCT will help monitor and provide the trays of food to patients. Not only this, they will also be ready to change a simple bandage and check a patient's necessary signs. Helping patients with mobility problems is also part of the work responsibility a patient care technician (PCT) will be called to do.

So, when you are ready making the move into this new health career, you should review a good program that teaches individuals to become PCTs. The program and courses will offer you the background and facilities required to qualify for one of these jobs.

As a new graduate, you can apply for a certified nursing assistant diploma. You will be acknowledged this kind of professional designation once you have taken and cleared the final exam for certified nursing assistants (CNA).

Therefore, in order to apply for a job as a patient care technician, you will require completing the needed course. These sorts of courses are provided at community colleges.

Abcott Institute is also one of the excellent institutes that are providing the cutting edge technology in order to make you a skilled person. After completing the training, you are capable of cracking any exam even one of the toughest.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Abcott Institute: Get To Know The Scope Of Medical Field

From medical assistants to physicians, medical field has always contributed excellent career opportunities. This activity field offers the job security and a great money. As the demand of this profession is increasing day by day so, there won't be any difficulties in the future finding a necessary for the medical professional.

Another one of the crucial points that will assist you in choosing a medical career is that one can pick from a lot of activities in the field that offer adjustable time and some days per week to work and large payment.

Undoubtedly, there is also full-time jobs and night and emergencies careers for people that think appropriate for these sort of jobs, jobs which come with huge compensations. But require only dedicated persons for it.

Beginning with the medical assistant to registered nurses, from psychologists and psychiatrists to social servers all are in high demand and will be required as long as humanity will continue.

The salary is more than motivating, the program also but many people get into a medical career for several complex motivations. Some want to know themselves and how their body functions in order to recover people or they even experience from diseases that they believe one day will find a remedy.

Whereas, few actually have a heart for social working. They love the clean working positions and the respect of the people for what they are performing. The most gifted persons in the field join the psychic care and assistance to their patient to the medications directed. These fields certainly contribute a lot of great rewards and absolute contentment on all plans, from social to spiritual and financial ones.

There are numerous institutes or colleges such as Abcott Institute, which are offering the top quality training in order to make you a skilled one. There is no denying that training for a medical career is apparently one of the best decisions you can make for your future bright.

So, if you expect a job with stability and money and choosing this field, then you are on the right track.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Abcott Institute- Key Job Responsibilities Of A Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA).

Do you wish to work as a certified nursing assistant, but just can't build up your mind yet? There are a lot of career options in the medical field, but how do you know a nursing assistant is your cup of tea or the correct career option for you? 

A CNA(certified nurse assistant) is a certified assistant that supports registered nurses and other members of the medical crew. A nursing assistant will follow orders made by his seniors and proceed with his regular CNA job descriptions just like the following:

  • A certified nursing assistant will obey the orders that are given by certified nurses, nurse practitioners and other members of the health team. He perfectly knows the basic medical technologies and proceeds with exact knowledge when it comes to taking care of patients.

Also, a registered nurse or a head nurse almost manages a certified nursing assistant's complete task and he reports directly to his seniors for any kind of query or concerns about his job and about patients immediately under his care.

  • He is not permitted to make a nursing or medical decision on his own as well as not allowed to provide medications to patients.  A certified nursing assistant, however, may be authorized to give or distribute medications and several treatments under the close guidance of a registered nurse like nebulization for asthma, modern medications for skin health, eye medications like eye drops and much more.

  • A section of a CNA job description is to take care of the patient's personal requirements of the patient from admitting to discharged. He changes bed clothes, helps patients as they bathe, does personal care activities when the patient is not able to do so because of his medical situation.

  • A certified nursing assistant will aid patients as they are recommended to attend specialists in the hospital axioms or when the patient is transported to different diagnostic departments in the building. He does not leave the patient behind; he supports the patient with care to the receiving nursing assistant or hospital employee and comes back when the process is completed.

So, you can get this nursing assistant program from any one of the reputed institute such as Abcott Institute that is serving their students with top class training.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Importance Of Technical Nursing Training- Abcott Institute

Nowadays the demand for nurses is unceasingly increasing and it is no wonder that other professionals have taken up nursing as a career option. The condition of nursing depends on the nursing training program that has been evaluated multiple times as per the requirement of the healthcare industry.

And now, it has come to a state where it assists in serving nurses, to begin with a basic level or an advanced level of training. Apart from the regular style of teaching, recently a very new trends have emerged like a nursing training program. This program focuses on acquiring an equal amount of practical exposure in the field of nursing as in its theoretical knowledge.
While nurses may want the recognized glamour and high earnings of doctors and physicians, they stand shoulder to shoulder with their more admired colleagues in their devotion and love for their job.

It's quite obvious that it would be tough and more challenging to stay in the nursing profession until and unless you are completely & honestly passionate about it. On a regular basis, nurses dispute with difficult shifts, long hours, weekend work, and emotional trauma. But in spite of the challenges, many individuals adopt this profession and give it a significant part of their lives.

The technical nursing program is now allowed to people so they can quickly get into the world of health care. It has numerous advantages that will certainly support people get the most out of their health care career.

For instance, the courses are more affordable than other courses while giving them the full benefit of learning things about health care. These courses are given at different community or technical college. In addition to community colleges, there are many hospitals that tie up this program with other universities.

The Abcott Institute in the USA is the institute which is providing the higher level study to the students who want to make a successful career in this field. The Institute is a leading CNA Training & PCT Training School in Michigan and has helped thousands of dedicated persons.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Things What Many Do Not Know About Certified Nursing Assistant Program

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) program is one of the popular medical career options that many choose in Michigan. It is profession that is predicted to grow swiftly in the upcoming years. And, it is a rewarding career. However, appropriate training is essential if you want to become a CNA.

But there are certain things that many do not know about certified nursing assistant programs, which lead to them making mistakes and choosing the wrong program. Here are some of the aspects you should know before you choose a course –

You can get classes in convenient schedules – It is something that not many people know but you can get CNA classes in convenient schedules. Many recognized institutions like Abcott Institute provide classes in day & evening schedules that suit candidates’ different requirements. Before choosing a school, you should ask about their schedules and ensure that they match your requirements.

Candidates who have family obligations or a full time job sometimes opt for other medical career options as they do not know that they can get classes in convenient schedules. So, make sure to clear your doubts first before making a choice.

You can choose a program with more reasonable fees – Many candidates opt for the first or second CNA program they come across regardless of the fees as they believe that the offered fee is standard one. But, it can be a big mistake.

Different schools offer this course in various price ranges. It is advised to confirm from several institutions before choosing one.

It will help you find a school that offers CNA training in reasonable fees effectively saving your money. Why waste money on an expensive program when you can get the same training in much less?

Aforementioned are the two aspects that many do not know about certified nursing assistant training courses. Consider the above mentioned aspects and avoid ending up with unsatisfying training and expensive school fees.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Which Program Should You Choose? – CNA Or Combined CNA/HHA/PCT

In the field of healthcare, there are numerous career options that provide many job and career opportunities to candidates. It is the main reason why many opt for this field. However, confusion is obvious many these many options are available to choose from. Certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a program that many go for.

But, combined CNA/HHA/PCT course attracts many candidates’ attention too. Then, which option should you choose? Here are some details about both courses, so that you can determine, which one is a better choice.

Certified Nursing Assistant – It is a course where you can get theoretical classes, hands on training and practical experience in the profession of certified nursing assistant. You can learn about the job duties and responsibilities of a CNA. You will be trained to meet a patient’s physical and mental needs in healthcare facilities.

If you want to keep your focus on just one field and progress in it, then you should opt for CNA. It is advised to get training from a recognized school like Abcott Institute for the first step.

Combined CNA/HHA/PCT – It is a combination of three different fields which are – certified nursing assistant, home health aide and patient care technician. In this program, candidates are trained in all three professions, so that they are knowledgeable in those fields. At the end of your training, you will know how to take care of a wide variety of patients differently.

Employers also prefer candidates who have practical experience of different fields. This course will prepare you for an entry level position in nursing. After the training, you can receive two different certifications in CNA & PCT.

After reading and gathering knowledge about both programs, you can opt for one that you believe is most suitable for you. Whether your focus is one field or many with more career opportunities, choose the one that suits you the best.

Abcott Institute has been offering quality medical education since 2002 in Southfield, MI.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Why Practical Training Is Vital In CNA Profession?

To enter any medical profession, it is essential that you have complete knowledge of this that particular field. And, CNA is no different. However, practical experience is equally important. Many people do not realize the value of practical experience until the moment they are performing their job duties.

They realize the value of practical experience later on as it gives them the chance to learn what tasks they have to perform on job as a certified nursing assistant. If you are still confused over this aspect, then here are the top reasons that clarify why practical training is vital for CNA profession.

Preparation for job – Practical experience during the training prepares you for the job. In the end of course, you will have enough knowledge and practice to skillfully complete your job duties as a certified nursing assistant.
You will have the skills related to taking vitals, measuring food and liquid intake along with the assisting patients with feeding, dressing and bathing.

Preference from employers – Aspiring candidates who have practical experience and appropriate training get preference over others from employers. Healthcare facilities prefer candidates who know their work and have some experience in it too.

However, the level of the training is vital in this factor too. You will need practical training or experience from a good institute in your region. It will help you gain knowledge about the medical terminology, safety & body mechanics along with medical ethics, rules & regulation.

Abcott Institute is a well-established career training school Southfield, MI. It offers medical programs for aspiring candidates in CNA and PCT. Formed in the year of 2002, this school is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education. It is well-known for its hands on learning and skills based training. The school is licensed by the State of Michigan, the Department of Education.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Duties Of Patient Care Technician- Abcott Institute

Patient care technician can provide the proper recovery to the patient and help them in the hygiene, dietary needs and safety. Health care is mandatory for  all medical services, whether it is for emergency ward or for ophthalmologist. And using the  following right medical practice methods , you can easily establish credibility in the community:

Psychology Of Patients:
It is important to consider the emotional state of the patient. Be aware of the changes in their routine and speak to the friends and relatives of the patient so that you can access the health of patient in a better way. The psychological well being of the patient is just as important along with the physical well being of patient for them to get better.

Determining the illness through proper prognosis and diagnosis of patient is important. Basic needs of patients along with the tests and any secondary illness they might have is important to know. According specific care plan has to be implemented.

Body Language:
How you speak and deal with patients at the delicate stage can be important aspect of their welfare process. Being rude or intimidating can have ill effect on patient’s health. So better reassure them with careful soft tone, so they can feel better.

Explain them in a sensitive way about their medical condition so that they don't stress or worry unnecessarily. Treat all patients in equal manner. And if possible, keep the communication lines open all the times.

Be honest with your patients. Avoid using technical jargon as it is likely to create confusion for you. Explain their condition in a simple way that is easily understood. False hope can only lead to disappointment. They will be less likely to file a lawsuit if anything were to go wrong.

Abcott Institute is one of the well established institute providing certification courses including nurse practitioner course and patient care technician course intended to provide you with professional expertise to make sure you have can excel in this field and enjoy a successful career.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Working Full Time? Aspects To Consider When Joining A CNA Program

Climbing the career ladder is a dream of many people in healthcare industry, which is why they opt for proper training in a certain field such as certified nursing assistant. However, attending classes is sometimes a problem for people who work fulltime as they do not have lots of free time in their busy schedule. Solution to this problem is finding the right institution for the CNA course.

If you also work time but want to climb the career ladder by completing a CNA program, then here are some aspects that you should consider before choosing a school.

Convenient schedules – You should make sure to choose a good institute that offers convenient schedules for students who work full time. Many schools offer day and evening classes for healthcare programs. Their schedules can help you in attending classes in your free time. With flexible training options, you can balance all your professional and personal responsibilities.

Small class size – This is another aspect that you should consider before choosing an institute. Make sure to choose one with a small class size. If the class size is big, you may not get attention of instructors and fall behind in your course, which you certainly do not want to happen.

However, sometimes aspiring candidates cannot find an institution that can help them around their busy schedule to make time for course. If you face such difficulty in finding a school, do not fret as there are many recognized institutions like Abcott Institute that are determined to help students.

Abcott Institute is a Southfield, Michigan based a career training school that is staffed with experienced instructors. The institute is known for providing top notch training along with hands on learning to students in CNA and patient care technician combo program. The school is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Why You Should Choose An Accredited School For CNA Program?

If you are planning to opt for a career in healthcare industry as a certified nursing assistant, then you need to know that the first step in this direction should be completing a CNA program. However, there are numerous schools that offer such programs for aspiring candidates.

But it is always advised that you choose an accredited school. Why? Here are the top reasons.

A sign of quality education – It is essential to know that maintaining an accreditation is not an easy task. The institute has to complete various procedures and prove the quality of their education. So, accreditation for a school is a sign of their quality education. In those CNA programs, you will get hands on training along with practical experience to enhance your skills.

An approved program – Choosing such institute ensures that you are opting for an approved program. It also shows that the school provides CNA training according to all the rules and regulations.

Qualified instructors – An accredited school will have experienced and qualified instructors, which will ensure that you get the benefit of their teaching experience. These institutes have to hire professional instructors who have years of on the job experience in their respective fields. So, opting for these schools will be good for your training.

Recognition by the employers – Candidates who complete their CNA training from an accredited school get preference over other candidates. Accreditation of an institute gets recognition from employers all over the country. So, completing a certified nursing assistant program from an accredited school will open the door for many job and career opportunities for you.

Since, there are many schools to choose from, make sure to choose them most reliable and recognized one in your area.

Abcott Institute offers practical and technical education in various medical and occupational disciplines for candidates who want to build a successful career in CNA.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Abcott Institute- Video

Abcott Institute is one of the leading schools for CNA/HHA/PCT Combo Training in Michigan for the students.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Personal Qualities that Will Help You flourish as a Certified Nursing Assistant -Abcott Institute

The outlook for certified nursing assistants is very strong, as they get to work in all kinds of health care centers like nursing homes, hospitals, home care, assisted living and more. Once you enter a doctor’s office or hospital, you will know that how nurses and nursing assistants are doing the extra duties due to understaffed office.

Personal qualities required for a certified nursing assistant:

  1. Show care towards the residents and patients and be supportive to care for them. Caring cannot be taught during a CNA class but something that will be developed by your own.
  2. If you work cordially with others and if you are an effective team member your work will be easier as a certified nursing assistant. Teamwork is usually stressed during CNA classes.
  3. Being sympathetic is quite important. This will allow the CNA to imagine themselves in their state and not simply pity the residents or patients.
  4. In every job it is important to be honest about what you do in your job and how interact with others.
  5. Being dependable is another trait that is required as a certified nursing assistant. The patients, doctors, and nurses as well as other medical workers depend on nursing assistants.
  6. As a certified nursing assistant, you need to be able to be flexible because sometimes even the best plans cannot be accomplished, so you need to be able to make adjustments easily and go with the flow.

The Abcott institute of Southfield, MI, was formed in 2002 and has helped thousands of motivated individuals to get the hands-on training, practical experience and accredited certification, by professionals who believe that the best way to prepare students for meaningful, gainful employment is to provide a quality medical training.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

CNA and Job Duties They Have to Perform

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) works with different medical technologies including billing software, health information & medical record software and more. In some facilities, a CNA also administer medication to patients. It is their responsibility to report to either registered, licensed practical or vocational nurses.

However here are the daily responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant.

CNAs assist patients with daily activities and while some CNAs have additional responsibilities. But, the core functions on the job include:

•    Bathe and dress patients
•    Serve meals and help patients eat
•    Take vital signs
•    Reposition patients who are bedridden
•    Collect information about treatment plans from nurses and doctors
•    Provide empty bedpans
•    Apply clean dressings, stockings, or support bandages, under direction of nurse or physician.
•    Lift patients into beds, wheelchairs, exam tables, etc.
•    Take patient calls
•    Examine patients for bruises or other injuries
•    Sanitize rooms
•    Clean rooms and bathrooms.
•    Change bed sheets with necessary supplies

The duties of a CNA and position is suitable for people who are interested in helping people and care for the wellbeing of other people at the time they need it most. But to enter this profession, It is advisable to take proper classes. There are many programs for CNAs, to get qualified for better paying work in the medical industry.

Abcott Institute of Southfield, MI, formed in 2002 by industry professionals, provides the best ways to prepare students for meaningful and gainful employment. This Institute is a CNA training & PCT training school in Michigan that offers hands-on training, practical experience and accredited certification needed to pursue a professional healthcare career.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

3 Practical Things To Check In A Medical Institute Before Joining

Medical institutes in Michigan are attracting many students’ attention with the increasing number of job opportunities in the healthcare industry. But, it is always advised to choose the institute for medical training wisely. And, there are so many factors to consider.

Aspiring candidates consider factors like class size, reputation and more. And, it is a clear fact that these factors are quite important. However, there are 3 practical things that you need to check in a medical institute before joining.

Class Schedules – If you have a full time job, then you need an institute that offers both day and evening classes to fit your schedule. It will make completing the program easier for you. Before joining a school, gather as much information as you can about their class schedules, whether by visiting or calling.

Financial Aid & Assistance – You should also check the financial aid related policies of an institute. Many schools accept GI bills as well as WIA and TRA/TAA grants. In your region, you should also check if they work with Michigan Works. On the basis of your financial situation, you can get financial aid from an institute for your program (if you qualify).

Career Services – You should check if a school offers placement assistance and career counseling as it will make easier for you to find career opportunities. It will help you in job search as well help in learning interviewing techniques.

Located in Michigan, Abcott Institute offers occupational & vocational training in cost effective medical programs. The institute is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education and licensed by the State of Michigan, Department of Education.

This career training and certification school is also an authorized medical testing center. Formed in the year of 2002, the school offers certified nursing assistant and CNA/HHA/patient care technician programs.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Personal Qualities & Skills That You Will Require On Job As A CNA- Abcott Institute

Certified nursing assistants or CNAs complete a variety of task on job in healthcare facilities. From helping patients to assisting healthcare professionals, it is included in their job profile. But to complete these tasks, they need certain skills.

Here are some personal skills that you will require on job as a CNA.

Compassion – To work as a CNA, you need compassion towards patients to understand their pain and suffering, so that you can help and assist them. It is a quality that you need in this profession of patient care.

Communication – You also need communication skills in this field as you will have to communicate with both patients and healthcare professionals. To maintain communication, you need essential qualities and skills.

Organization skills – To work as a CNA, you also need organization skills so that you can handle all tasks properly. Whether it is working with insurance forms or handling blood samples, you need organization skills.

Flexibility – In this profession, things keep changing and technology keeps advancing. You need to be flexible to adapt to all these changes, so that you can perform your job duties skillfully.

Attention to detail – Since it is the job of a certified nurse assistant to assist both patients and healthcare professionals, they need to pay attention to every little detail to complete different tasks successfully.

Above mentioned qualities and skills can ensure a good job in CNA profession as employers look for trained, certified and skilled professionals. And for skill development, you should join a reputed school such as Abcott Institute.

Located in Southfield, Abcott Institute is a noted school that offers medical programs for aspiring candidates. The school is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education and licensed by the State of Michigan, Department of Education.

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