Thursday, 27 April 2017

Top Benefits Of Becoming A Surgical technician- Abcott Institute

Golden words of a great man - “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. That’s why the job of a doctor or a surgeon is always considered an honored job. People prefer this kind of jobs and involve himself in the welfare of the patient.

If you feel happy in helping others then the surgical technician is the best career path for you. It also known as surgical technologists or scrubs or sometimes referred as operating room techs. These technicians assist in setting up and maintaining a sterile environment in operating rooms. 

So, if you are curious to became a surgical technician, there are a couple of institutes such as Abcott Institute, which offer the top training classes to the students.

Top Reasons Of Becoming A Surgical Technician

  • Pleasing And Inspiring Work

In the beginning, the candidate thinks that the surgical technologist position is one of the most provocative, challenging and humanistic rewards. There is hardly a more fulfilling feeling than serving to save another person’s life.

  • Great Demand
Fleeting job opportunities is something you won’t have to fear about with a surgical technologist career. Thus, due to the rapidly aging baby boomer generation, the great demand for medical experts that comes along with an aging population is going an all time high. National job prosperity for surgical technologists is supposed to rise by  20 percent over the next decade as age-related illnesses and surgeries become more widespread.

  • Earn As Per Your Expectations
A job should be like that can fed you and your family. Everyone dreams to earn a great after completing his study. And if you are picking surgical technologist as a career, you can earn as per your expectations. Even if you are a fresher then also the salary packages and benefits of this field is amazing.

And in a case if you will complete an advanced training, you can easily make much more earning.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Responsibilities Of A Medical Assistant In Various Settings- Abcott Institute

Medical assistant is a health professional who assists physicians and nurses in different settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and private nursing homes. They greet patients and file their medical records, management of billing and bookkeeping services.

There are different specializations for medical assistants in different medical settings. The specific responsibilities of medical assistant can vary from the unit where they are placed.


A medical assistant performs many different tasks in the hospital, many of which are similar to the nursing assistant. The specifics of the exact duties depend a lot on the place where a medical assistant work. In hospitals, generally, a medical assistant work as a receptionist, medical biller and also take of the tasks with laboratory work.

Medical assistant also perform various duties, including examination of blood samples, stool and urine samples from the patients. In case, they see any abnormalities, they alert the physician in-charge. Medical assistants check the ECG Readings and administer prescription refills to the patients.


Medical assistant instruct the patients regarding the general care, diets, and procedures. They also, manage the front desk greeting patients and taking their calls but also perform other clinical duties such as, applying dressing the wounds and cutting up the stitches. They make sure that everything is running smoothly and on track.

Private Practice:

According the specific practice, the responsibilities varies. But in general, medical assistants perform examinations and tests on patients. In private practice, physicians require medical assistants to work in a variety of complexities involving in the management and patient care.

Abcott Institute is a leading medical school offering numerous medical training courses with real world work space where they can learn practically and theoretically about all aspects of their chosen fields. Founded in 2002, it has assisted thousands of individuals to get accredited certification, giving their career a good start.

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