Monday, 26 September 2016

Abcott Institute- Key Job Responsibilities Of A Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA).

Do you wish to work as a certified nursing assistant, but just can't build up your mind yet? There are a lot of career options in the medical field, but how do you know a nursing assistant is your cup of tea or the correct career option for you? 

A CNA(certified nurse assistant) is a certified assistant that supports registered nurses and other members of the medical crew. A nursing assistant will follow orders made by his seniors and proceed with his regular CNA job descriptions just like the following:

  • A certified nursing assistant will obey the orders that are given by certified nurses, nurse practitioners and other members of the health team. He perfectly knows the basic medical technologies and proceeds with exact knowledge when it comes to taking care of patients.

Also, a registered nurse or a head nurse almost manages a certified nursing assistant's complete task and he reports directly to his seniors for any kind of query or concerns about his job and about patients immediately under his care.

  • He is not permitted to make a nursing or medical decision on his own as well as not allowed to provide medications to patients.  A certified nursing assistant, however, may be authorized to give or distribute medications and several treatments under the close guidance of a registered nurse like nebulization for asthma, modern medications for skin health, eye medications like eye drops and much more.

  • A section of a CNA job description is to take care of the patient's personal requirements of the patient from admitting to discharged. He changes bed clothes, helps patients as they bathe, does personal care activities when the patient is not able to do so because of his medical situation.

  • A certified nursing assistant will aid patients as they are recommended to attend specialists in the hospital axioms or when the patient is transported to different diagnostic departments in the building. He does not leave the patient behind; he supports the patient with care to the receiving nursing assistant or hospital employee and comes back when the process is completed.

So, you can get this nursing assistant program from any one of the reputed institute such as Abcott Institute that is serving their students with top class training.

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