Thursday, 7 January 2016

Why attending a combined CNA/HHA/PCT program is a great career move?

CNA/HHA/PCT program is the combination of 3 major medical courses, which are certified nursing assistants, home health aides and patient care technicians. It is a combined program that covers all the essential topics of these three medical fields. But the question is – Why should you opt for a combined CNA/HHA/PCT course? Why not attend just one program to enter that particular profession?

The following are just two of the benefits of pursuing this composite course. Read on to find the answers you have been looking for.

Ability to receive two certifications – CNA/HHA/PCT program provides you the opportunity to receive both CNA and PCT certifications, which is a great aspect to include in your curriculum vitae. In this course, you get trained in both patient care technician and certified nursing assistant fields. With this training, you qualify for both CNA and PCT certification exams.

Increased employment opportunities – After completing your training, you can serve in two different medical fields. You can either serve as a patient care technician or as a certified nursing assistant in a healthcare facility. It increases the employment opportunities for you.

This course focuses on students’ skill development, which is essential for a successful career in the healthcare industry. This training expands your skill set effectively making you a potential candidate for CNA or PCT jobs in various healthcare facilities. Whether you want to become a CNA or a PCT, training is vital. Then, why not attend a combined program that can increase employment opportunities for you.

Many respected educational facilities like Abcott Institute offer a combined CNA/HHA/PCT program for aspirants.

Abcott Institute is one of the leading healthcare education providers in Southfield, Michigan. This institute provides CNA/HHA/PCT and CNA programs for students. This institute offers flexible day and evening training options for trainees, who are unable to attend classes during daytime due to professional or personal obligations.

The institute also covers the cost of both CNA and PCT certification exams after students complete the combined program.

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